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In the modern era of globalization where professionalism is of utmost importance, knowledge of the law is now becoming a mandatory requirement to deal with the complexities of society and persons in every organization face greater challenges than ever before. Their decisions affect our lives in both obvious & subtle ways. We believe that the quality and nature of the preparation for legal awareness and knowledge future lawyers/consultants receive now will help determine the kind of society we live in for decades. Baba Saheb BhimRao Ambedkar Law College is committed to contributing to the shape of the future through leadership & innovation in the field of legal professional education. College provides exceptional individuals an environment to develop the skills and disciplines that best suits their professional aspirations and society quotes needs & requirement. We are proud of the exceptional faculty and their contributions to our understanding of the issues successful Lawyers/ Consultants /managers must address.

Paramount to the LL.B. Programme is the unique combination of theory and practice. Moot Courts are being organized and regularly conducted for enabling the students to get a good exposure of the working of Courts and manners observed therein, much emphasis has been laid to frequent visits to High Courts, Labour Courts/Tribunals, Consumer Forum, and Family Courts under the supervision of Advocates of standing. Students are provided extensive opportunities to interact with persons of eminence from the Judiciary and government in programs highlighting on major issues and trends. These are but a few reasons why we cordially invite you to consider and join at Baba Saheb BhimRao Ambedkar Law College, the LL.B. Program to avail its Challenges and opportunities in planning your future career.

Baba Saheb BhimRao Ambedkar Law College aims at to impart quality legal education, develop self respect and professional ethics towards litigants Bench and Bar. Our motto is to create living instrumentalities to provide Justice – Social, Economic and Political and alert the aspirants for healthy environment – Natural, Social and Spiritual and awareness towards fundamental rights and duties. Our objective is to develop vision to adopt law as flexible instrument of social order, social change, social solidarity, communal harmony and national integration to serve the society more particularly its downtrodden and weaker sections.

“We are here to bring out the best in you. If you are also as committed to learn and develop, we ensure that a bright future is awaiting you!!”

Yours sincerely,

Prof. (Dr.) V.G. Goswami
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